Project completed July 2020

New Construction - 18,000sf 

450 seats

Features: 3,800sf exterior patio, dedicated sloped floor worship venue, office wing, kids wing and classrooms, open coffee service lobby. 




Architect of Record

Jon Bugler

Project Consultant

Aaron Stanski

Principal Designer

Chris Strasser

Structural Design:

Comprehensive Engineering

Audio Video Lighting Acoustics:

HouseRight Productions


Intentional design

Calvary Chapel has planned their future on this site for many years to come, and directed Risepointe to come up with solutions for expansion as the community grows. We planned the building from the end product and reduced to where Calvary is at this date. We designed the back portion of the building to be removed so that the kids ministry, lobby, and worship center can be expanded when the current facility hits its lid. Comprehensive Structure really helped plan out the eventual removal of structural columns and their connections at key points to make the expansion goes as smoothly as possible.





Cafe and Lobby

Calvary Southbury’s goal in this new building was to create a space for the community of Southbury Connecticut to gather and connect to one another in a clear and transparent way. By serving the community and getting to know one another they believe that they can impact the community and the greater region. It was our design that tried to create a space that felt involved on the interior and exterior in a climate region that isn’t always the best suited for outdoor activities. By creating a lobby and café that is fronted with large glazing sections we wanted the activities of the indoor café and lobby to be very visible to people coming onto their site.

Interior Design

The interior design of this project has undergone several directional changes, and will continue to evolve throughout the coming years. The current design thinking Is keeping the interior as clean and clear as to further highlight the Connecticut rolling hills outside. As the project progresses the design is to bring warmth and color to the large walls lining the worship center. Flooring, and wall coverings are to be installed at a later date.

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