Renovation of Existing Sanctuary, Transition from Pews to Seats

900 Seats

Features: Varied Seating Options, Acoustic Solutions, Fresh Design




Architect of Record

Jon Bugler

Project Consultant

Aaron Stanski

Principal Designer

Jill Bandrapalli

Structural Design:

RGSE Engineering

Audio Video Lighting Acoustics:

Amplio Systems





Intentional design

Crossline Church was a portable church for years before finding the opportunity to take over an existing campus from another church. Blessed with an amazing property, but with aging infrastructure and design, the struggle was to find a way to match the facilities to the DNA of Crossline Church. 


The existing auditorium was designed on an aggressive slant. The rectangular design created substantial acoustical challenges and the ultra-long pews made it hard to usher people to their seats.


Transforming an existing space to look and feel totally different is a HUGE challenge but Crossline was up it! The existing slanted floor was broken up to provide multiple seating opportunities including a flat-floor front and cafe style seating in the back. Armstrong panels were used to help create a warm finish to the space that helped address some of the major acoustic issues.


Crossline Church is all about Loving God, Loving People and Having a Blast! Their new space creates an inviting, backyard BBQ feel that makes it easy to invite people to come and be part of their church community


Worship Experience

Creating a space that felt more like a back-yard BBQ and less like a formal church was the goal of this transformation. What used to be extremely high ceilings, tons of glass and a traditional posture of architecture all needed to be re-imagined as stronger colors, different textures, and wood finishes were introduced to the space. By changing from pews to chairs, and creating different seating opportunities, the space became more approachable and comfortable.

Having a Blast!

Another one of the uniquenesses of Crossline was their mission to "Have a Blast". They use their entire campus and even their exterior courtyard to create a welcoming experience for their guests and frequently transform those areas into places for picnics, community events, and fun. Bringing that same attitude into the interior of that space and creating a unified design was  a huge priority. 

Restrooms and Support

The small interior lobby and restrooms were dated and needed to be brought up to ADA compliance. This was part of a project specific code strategy, to improve certain areas of the project without being a financial burden to the overall design. New restrooms and circulation space have increased the capacity of the building and allowed for a beautiful and consistent design from exterior to interior. 

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