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Lowell, MI

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11840 Fulton St E, Lowell, MI 49331, USA

Located just a few blocks down from the historical downtown area of Lowell, Impact Church is planted adjacent to a massive park and recreational center with the site of one of the counties longest span timber pedestrian bridges. Locating the building in its current location not only sets up the Church with direct access to the park and the trails along the Grand River, it was also important for the Church to allow the city access to their parking lot for an overflow for the park.

The site was not without its challenges, the Grand River’s 100 year flood plain set a hard boundary line on the backside of the building. Setting the buildings finish elevation was also a challenge so that there was not a distinct drop from the street edge to the front of the building.

Risepointe is always looking to push the envelope when it comes to sustainable and affordable design for Churches. We strive to give our clients a great performing building both for its users and the environment. At Impact we designed our exterior wall assemblies, roof assembly, and horizontal surfaces with continuous thermal breaks to insure that the extreme temperatures that West Michigan feels do not hurt the interior environment of the building, combined with high efficiency mechanical units we are able to give Impact a high performing design.

The experience in the worship center is critical for Impact, thus we designed a dropped mechanical well for our high efficiency mechanical units to live. These mechanical units are then side fed into the worship center as well as the lobby. The benefits are many; few include fewer penetrations in roof surfaces, remove large units off the large span trusses (reducing steel costs), and virtually eliminating vibrations from penetrating into the worship center

Impact Church


Lowell, MI


Lowell, MI

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