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Consistently tell your story across all physical and digital platforms.


Brands are promises, they are emotional and they reflect the personality and values of the organizations they represent. Our brand experts will work with your team to develop and implement a consistent story across your entire organization.

Central Church

Sanford, Florida

Immanuel Lutheran School

Palatine, IL

Immanuel Lutheran

Palatine, IL

Inheritance Church

Grand Rapids, MI

Acton Baptist Church

Granbury, TX

Church Branding


Everything we do and say as an organization is a reflection of our brand. The question is whether it’s an intentional expression of ourselves, or an accident, or a reminiscence of an organization we once were.  


As a design firm, Risepointe wants to help your church consistently communicate and deliver on its brand promise. The more you do that, the more your local community will recognize your organization, the better experience your visitors will have, and the more aligned your church members will be.  


Using our church branding services, we will help craft a clear and compelling brand promise that fits your local context and is a strong reflection of your DNA. Once clear, a new logo or refreshed brand mark will be developed that will reflect the unique personality and values of the organization.  


Once finalized, Risepointe can offer many different methods to improve your church branding expressions. For many churches, this includes upgraded and aligned interiors, new exterior and/or interior signage, even exterior upgrades that better express your values to the street.  


Risepointe wants to be your go-to destination for your church branding, building, and design needs. We’ll work hard to ensure you get the best value, and we will put you on the path to growing and expanding your impact. Contact us today to learn more about all the things Risepointe can do to help.

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