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Our interior design team can offer unique stand alone services for ANY size project.

interior design

From a quick refresh of a small area of your facility to a comprehensive remodel of everything under roof.

Church Interior Design


Don’t make a HUGE mistake by chasing trends, the latest Pinterest craze, or overdoing interior finishes. We have seen way too many ministries spend unnecessary dollars trying to be cool only to find the look and feel of their space dated in a year or two without the ability or budget to address it.  


Let the church interior design team at Risepointe develop a unique design narrative, specific to your church, and then help you apply it across all of your spaces. As former ministry staff and administrators, we understand the constraints many congregations face when the time comes to refresh the look of your building. We’ll work with you to help repurpose and refresh the space you have in a cost-efficient manner that can help attract new members to your church. Whether you’re looking for a complete renovation of your complex or simply remodeling a small space, we can help you get it done. We also have the ability to repurpose or adapt many buildings that weren’t meant to be churches, such as banks and libraries, and convert them into places of worship. 


Risepointe works exclusively with churches, schools, and nonprofits of all sizes to create the space they need to spread the message. Licensed in more than 20 states, we offer church interior design service in many locations around the country. We’ve successfully completed more than 100 projects within the last five years alone. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle projects of every size. Schedule a call today to learn what Risepointe can do for you. 

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