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We offer full architecture services which guide your church through city planning, zoning, permits and approvals, contractor selection and contract and all the way through construction.

Our creative design solutions will remove lids that may prevent growth.


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We were land-locked and stuck with very few options for growth. Going through the Needs Analysis with Risepointe gave us not just the facility options and the costs, but the clarity, vision and confidence that we needed to move forward. We had no idea how we could turn a weird bank-building into a thriving place for community, but having Risepointe show us what could be done and walking us through the entire process was incredible.

Joseph B.

Senior Pastor

design comes in many forms - we're with you on your journey

new construction

Typically called "ground-up" new construction. When your facility is overflowing and we need to break ground to add more space. 


Moving walls, changing the use of your facility to match the ever changing needs of doing church. These project are typically a major renovation of your campus.

adaptive re-use

This is typically a subset of new construction or renovation, however we are generally adapting your church into a space that wasn't designed to be a church, like a old bank, or library.

interior remodel/design

Paint, carpet, furniture, and overall interior refresh. We take your space and update the look and feel so that your church matches your community. 

how we help you

  1.  Set up a free 30 min. video call with our team
  2.  We execute a Needs Analysis Together​​​​
  3.  Deploy a custom plan