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Church Architects in Michigan

When you choose Risepointe to be your church architects in Michigan, you’re working with a team that’s dedicated to ensuring you have the worship space you’ve been looking for. Run by a leadership team with extensive experience in ministry administration, we know exactly what it takes to complete your project. Risepoint was formed on the belief that ministry should be first in everything we do. Schedule a needs analysis today to learn more about our process and to begin building a better home for you and your congregants. 


We started Risepointe to work specifically with churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations, and focus on your individual needs during the design phase. We understand that, for many groups, resources can be a significant consideration for any project. We’ll work with you to establish reasonable expectations of what we can deliver and how it will impact the final costs of the work.  


There are many reasons why you should consider Risepointe to be your church architects in Michigan. We’ve helped design churches across the country that are available for viewing in our portfolio. In the last five years alone, we’ve completed more than 100 projects, and are licensed to work in more than 20 states. We manage projects of all sizes, including completely designing and constructing a building from the ground up. Risepointe also handles smaller tasks, such as redesigning and remodeling the space you already have. 


Risepointe is also available for a variety of additional services that help your congregation grow and thrive. Our team includes graphic designers, interior designers, branding experts, and more who can show off everything your church has to offer your community. We can even create indoor and outdoor signage that will draw additional attention to your organization. Contact us today to learn more about any of the services we offer or to schedule your needs analysis with one of our church architects in Michigan. 

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