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Physical signage should offer clear wayfinding that represent your Churches brand.


All too often signage is boring, a necessity, or a 'code' thing...we believe that the right designed signage - that is, part of YOUR DNA as a Church - can be an integral part of your ministry to reach people in your community. We do not want to just tell you where to place signs, but we care deeply, why and how you place signage (branding) in order to facilitate community growth.


Church Signage


Let’s face it, there are lots of people who use your church facility throughout the week, and a lot of people on the weekends at various levels of connection with your church. Physical church signage should offer clear messaging to all of these audiences, should reinforce your brand messaging and key values, and help people find the bathroom!  


Using a unique approach that we have learned by helping hundreds of churches through this, the Risepointe team will work with you to identify your key audiences and will design a strong plan to get your signage done right. When visitors walk into your space, they will clearly and without distraction know where they are going. When attenders walk in, they will be able to navigate to places they need to go and will know how to take their next steps with your church, and when members walk through, they will be reminded of the unique vision and values that God has called them to as part of your church.  


Church signage is a critical application piece that is tied at the hip with your branding and is most effective when it’s tied together with your interior design. For more information, schedule a call and shoot us a pic of your lobby, and we can talk about how we can help improve your church signage. 

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