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Kenosha, WI
Calvary Chapel has a tremendous ministry to the city of Las Vegas and the surrounding communities.

Since kids and families has always been a priority, Calvary invested first in their K-12 School and the facilities necessary there. The church met in the school gym and was happy to make that sacrifice for a less-than-ideal worship environment. However, when they ran out of seats for guests they new they had to expand, and they new a new auditorium would serve their school as well!

A long and narrow site led to a challenging design solution, and a culture and DNA that gathered together, between buildings needed to be maintained.

A new 1200 Seat Auditorium was designed with an amazing indoor-outdoor lobby connection area. A new 'patio' was established between the building for community to gather as well as for baptisms to be celebrated! A canopy system over the patio allows the space to be used when it get warm outside and allows the cafe to serve guests both indoor and outdoors.

CLS Mezzanine


project team

Risepointe /// Architect of Record
DC Builders /// Contractor
Idibri /// AVLA Design

project info

22,000 S.F.
1235 seats


New Construction, Large Auditorium, Public Cafe, Outdoor Baptismal, Outdoor Gathering, Church Campus,



A case study for how to contextualize a building in a complicated site in Las Vegas. At Calvary Chapel we really wanted to reduce the built noise while increasing the pedestrian traffic pattern both internally and externally, all the while increasing the capacity of this site by nearly a thousand persons. We carefully stepped the building in elevation and created horizontal transparency across a sweeping front facade, and providing both interior and exterior places for natural gathering nooks to occur.

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