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Kenosha, WI
Pleasant Dale is a rural church located out in the country, but centrally located to several small towns and cities that it serves.

A key part of the DNA of their church is that the kids and adults all worship together, so when they ran out of space, they asked Risepointe to take a look at some creative solutions.

We landed on a creative solution that more than doubled their seats, fixed some of the multiple building issues and created a great first time guest experience, but then a pandemic hit.

After being on-hold for over a year, a new solution had to be created that addressed some of the new challenges facing Pleasant Dale. A new multi-floor auditorium is being added as well as a new entry and lobby space, while the existing auditorium turns into kids space.

We are excited to see this project back on track and we look forward to seeing it completed in the near future.

CLS Mezzanine


project team

Risepointe /// Architect of Record

project info

In Design
42,978 S.F.
600 seats


Church Expansion, New Auditorium and Lobby, Better use of existing Square Footage, Kids and Youth Space, Family Worship Experience, Interior Design



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