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Client Success Story: Trinity Bible Church

Trinity Bible Church is a thriving, multi-generational church located in Cedar Falls IA. Their building is adjacent to a neighborhood with tons of families, and they are right down the road from one of the largest retirement communities in the country.

The Challenge

For Years Trinity Bible has seen God move in incredible ways and that growth has happened at BOTH their traditional music service as well as their modern music service. With three packed services back-to back-to back, there was very little room for fellowship or community building. Also, once you go to three services on Sunday, you have to choose which service starts in the 8'oclock hour or which one crosses over into lunch.

Their facility consisted of four unique building projects over the years and featured a really nice (but obviously too small) worship venue. They had more than enough room for kids as they had built that section of the campus out to support an HUGE weeknight AWANA ministry. There simply wasn't enough room for fellowship, or seats for people who wanted to attend church during the primary hours on Sunday.

Enter: Aaron Stanski and the Risepointe Team

The Solution

Trinity was nervous to explore solutions, knowing that a relocation or a huge building expansion project might be out of reach for the dollars they felt they could spend.

Aaron was quick to point out that a solution might be achievable if investments could be made to under-utilized areas of the facility. Trinity took a risk an invested in a needs analysis to explore what options they had.

Here is what they needed:

  1. A Clear entry point to the building

  2. A fellowship area that could be shared by both traditional and contemporary services

  3. A modern worship venue to allow multiple, simultaneous services

  4. New Shared restroom core to match increased facility capacity

  5. Refreshed Kids Area that looks fun!!

  6. Expanded Parking

The Results

When Trinity originally came to Risepointe, they were concerned that the solutions would be too expensive or not practical at their current site.

Did RISEPOINTE deliver? You bet!

Without missing a single service on-site, (what!?), Trinity was able to expand their reach and lay the foundation for impacting their community for decades to come. A new drop-off vestibule was designed into the side of what used to be their fellowship hall. The fellowship hall roof was completely removed and it was raised several feet to create an open lobby/gathering area. A new 400+ seat modern worship center was built, bringing the total on-site capacity per service for adults to 650+.

"It was amazing to sit in the new lobby and watch two services with different music styles both end at the same time, and to see a community of people come together and fellowship like they had never been able to do before" - Aaron Stanski

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