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Junction City, KS

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1025 S Washington St, Junction City, KS 66441, USA

Located just a short distance from Fort Riley and the Marshall Army Airfield, JC Naz has been established in the community for many years. Throughout the years and like many other growing healthy churches the facility has been added to, and refreshed many times over.

JC Naz has teamed up with Risepointe to completely rethink how children's ministry could take place on their campus. JC Naz's campus is blessed with additional S.F. that was not being used. Risepointe's strategy is to move the entire kids ministry to the east side of the building which allows for the previous kids portion to be used for other ministries. The main reason for the move was to create a dedicated kids ministry area that allows for security and a sense of place for kids.

The new kids ministry region is solely dedicated to kids and kids programming. The program includes classrooms, large group spaces, indoor playground, counselling rooms, and dedicated kids restrooms.

JC Naz


Junction City, KS


Junction City, KS

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