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Why we Risepointe

I was recently asked by a close friend, "If I had one thing I wanted to communicate to pastors or school administrators what would it be?" I love this question because it gets right at the heart of what we do, which is service.

I grew up in and around ministry. My father is an amazing church leader and has served as a lead pastor, church planter, volunteer and now elder at his local church. Growing up in a house like that, I couldn't help but fall in love with ministry and how God has uniquely equipped his local church to reach the world. My struggle was always how He would use my problem solving, engineering and creative brain in His Kingdom. Fast forward a few decades, a stint as an engineer at Harley Davidson, Ministry Staff with Cru, On staff at a local church, and now 15 years of crisscrossing the nation helping churches with buildings and I know I've found my sweet spot.

We started Risepointe to help Local Churches and Community Christian Schools align their facility with their mission and vision. It has NOT been easy. Architecture and construction is complicated, with hidden obstacles, obstinate neighbors and jurisdictions, complicated building codes and unpredictable market conditions and construction issues. However, beyond just the joy of opening a new building or renovated space, are the stories we have heard of amazing life change that has happened in the space that was created; not for the existing members or students, but for the community and families that aren't there yet!

To date we have assembled a world-class team of church leaders, former staff and administrators, architects and designers with varying backgrounds, skills and abilities. Some on our team have designed skyscrapers around the world, some have worked on opera halls and performance spaces, some have led construction projects hard places like Chicago, New York and Seattle, some are just starting out in their career, but ALL of us are aligned to the belief that Your Mission shouldn't be held back by your building. Risepointe will stand in the gap for your organization and will bring the full weight of our professional team, in service of your project.

We help churches and schools of all sizes, from huge new construction projects to small interior design refreshes. We help with branding and signage as well as strategy and master planning to help you plan and fully deploy your facility for maximum Kingdom Impact. Our team does NOT just design you a space, we help lead and guide. We will tell you what ideas look cool but don't work, and which ones we have seen work time and time again.

We are blessed and honored, to roll up our sleeves, using the unique gifts and abilities God has given us, to Serve the local Church and Christian School. Our greatest blessing is sitting in the background and giving God the glory for what He is doing, while quietly and efficiently working our tail off so our clients can get on with their Mission.

A Huge thankyou to the 100+ clients that have invited us to be a part of their team for a season. We love you, and you are why we Risepointe!

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Tanya E Randall
Tanya E Randall
Jun 21, 2023

Wayfaring Ministries is very excited to prepare for the great experience of working with such an amazing team of leaders.

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